Why your foodservice business needs a Glasswasher

Commercial glasswashers are an essential piece of equipment in any catering environment. Glasswashers enable you to quickly clean vast amounts of glassware, which is why they are so popular in bars, restaurants, cafeterias and clubs.

As a Glaswasher repair specialist, we know a thing or two about how essential they are for a commercial kitchen. There are many good reasons why you need a glasswasher, and after you hear them, you will wonder why you never invested in one sooner.

Glasswashers are more efficient

Smaller-sized glasswashers can clean over 200 glasses in under an hour. Many can clean over 400 glasses at an industrial size within the same timeframe.  


Even a decent medium-sized glasswasher will cost you less than most industrial dishwashers, and they’ll also clean more of your glasses much faster. As a result, you save time as well as money. 

Better care for your glassware

Dishwashers are designed to tackle heavy-duty stains, exposing your glasses to longer washes at higher temperatures. As a result, your glasses are likely to wear away over time.

Glasswashers clean within shorter time cycles and gentler detergents protect the condition of your glasses.

Cleaner glasses

Most dishwashers aren’t equipped to properly service and clean your glasses; they will often leave white streak marks due to the stronger detergents they use. As a result, you have to rewash them, slowing, thus, you and your business down.

Commercial Glasswasher Brands

There is a wide range of commercial glasswashers on the market, and deciding which to invest in can be challenging. We introduce you to some of the biggest manufacturers of glasswashers in the catering industry.

Hobart Glasswasher


Hobart has a long history in the catering industry. Founded in 1897, Hobart is the market leader in glasswashers worldwide. The company launched their Ecomax range in 2003 with a focus on reliability while maintaining a lower price point than its premium range.

Hobarts’ premium range includes the Prolite, Profi and Premax. 


winterhalter glasswasher


Winterhalter is another german manufacturer of Glasswashers. The company was founded in 1974 and opened its UK office in 1971.

Winterhalter manufactures a range of front-loading commercial undercounter washers, currently led by their UC series. The series features an S-shaped wash field to ensure even water distribution while reducing consumption.



Classeq is a British glasswasher manufacturer founded in 1977. Their core products are commercial glass and dishwashing equipment.

Classeq manufactures a wide range of company front-loading glasswashers that hold up to 25 pin glasses per rack. 

The company is the only one of the three manufacturers to have a third-party customer review system in place. However, they only have a 2.4 rating out of a possible 5 on Trustpilot. 


classeq glasswasher

Glasswasher maintenance

Like any other commercial kitchen equipment, glasswashers must be routinely serviced to maintain efficiency and prevent breakdowns. That’s why it is essential to have a catering maintenance contract with a reputable catering engineer.

PHS Trades Team provide specialist catering repair and maintenance to businesses across Essex and the Southeast. Get in touch with our team to discover how we can help prevent your equipment from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.


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