What is a Boiler Service?

The term boiler service is the name given to a series of checks and tests performed by a Gas Safe engineer on a boiler. A boiler service ensures that it is safe to use and operates efficiently and effectively. 

In this article, we explain what’s included in an Annual boiler service.

What is a Boiler Service - Trades Team

Why is it important to have a boiler service?


The most important reason to have your boiler serviced is to ensure it’s working safely. Most faulty boilers can be repaired at home via a simple boiler reset, or you may need to contact an engineer. In some cases, however, a faulty boiler can be dangerous. As a result, addressing faults as soon as they happen is essential.


Energy prices are the highest they have ever been, and a service can help to ensure your boiler runs efficiently, resulting in lower energy bills. During your service, your engineer will remove any dirt and debris, helping to prevent corrosion. 

A clean, central heating system will prevent pipework from clogging and your boiler from working harder than it needs to.


Regular servicing can help extend your boiler’s life and reduce the risk of breakdowns or other problems. This can save you money on costly repairs or replacements in the long run.

Peace of mind

Knowing that your boiler has been checked and is operating safely and efficiently can give you peace of mind and help you to feel more confident in the heating system in your home.

Boiler being serviced by a professional boiler engineer

Book an Annual Boiler Service

Ensure your boiler stays in peak condition by booking an annual boiler service with our experienced Gas Safe registered engineers.

What’s included in a Boiler Service?

After booking your boiler service, a Gas Safe registered engineer will attend your home and perform a series of checks on your boiler:

Visual Inspection

Your engineer will inspect the boiler to look for the following:

  • Damage to the casing and pipework
  • Dirt and debris build-up
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Signs of leaks
  • Flame efficiency

Removal of the boiler casing

The engineer will check the components underneath the casing, cleaning and configuring the parts as necessary. This is an essential part of the process to ensure that the heat exchanger and burner are working as intended.

Flue Check

The flue is responsible for removing harmful fumes from the boiler. A blocked or damaged flue can be a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Your engineer will check the flue pipe to ensure it is securely connected and has no obstructions. 

Pressure check

Water pressure plays a vital role in the efficiency of your boiler. If the water pressure is too high, your boiler can be at risk of a water leak. If the boiler pressure is too low, the boiler won’t operate properly. 

Both issues cause your central heating system to overwork, costing you more money to heat your home and water.

Boiler Fire Up

Boiler fire up

Your engineer will then complete a final check by firing up your boiler. The engineer will do this to ensure the boiler is fully operational and there is no sign of a fault.

Boiler report

After completing all checks, your engineer will produce a report confirming what assessments have been made and their results. Finally, your engineer will highlight any issues and make recommendations to prolong the lifespan and efficiency of your boiler.

How long does a boiler service take?

Depending on your boiler type, most boiler services will take 30 to 60 minutes. 

If your engineer finds a fault during the service, your engineer may be able to repair the issue as they often keep common parts in stock. If a replacement part is required, your engineer can order this for you and arrange a suitable time to repair it.

How often should I have a boiler service?

The best way to approach a boiler service is to compare it to having your car serviced. That’s why we recommend having your boiler serviced once a year, typically in the summer or autumn, to prepare your central heating systems for the cold winter months.

Having your boiler serviced during the summer/autumn will ensure it’s operating efficiently during the winter, and you will also find it much easier to find an engineer – as breakdowns occur more frequently during this time.

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