Central Heating Leak Detection

Precision Central Heating leak detection

Our experts provide accurate boiler leak detection using precise equipment to find the root cause of the problem. Our Gas Safe engineers recognise that the disruption caused by leaks can be stressful and highly inconvenient and will always aim to find your leak quickly.

We carry out non-destructive central heating leak detection services. Our equipment allows us to locate the cause of the leak within just a few centimetres, avoiding the need for unnecessary damage to your walls and flooring.

Central Heating Engineer Repair
Contractor Repairing Central Heating Furnace System.

Hidden Leak Detection Services

Reliable Central Heating Leak Detection

PHS Trades Team are experts in central heating leak detection. If left unchecked, a hidden leak can cause severe damage to your boiler, central heating and property. Is your boiler making strange noises? Is it hissing or is your boiler losing pressure? If so, it’s likely your central heating system is leaking.

Despite the enhanced risk of central heating problems during the winter months, heating systems can break down at any time of the year. In addition, repair costs are often a fraction of the cost compared to fixing any water damage done to your property. As a result, it is essential to seek a professional before the leak gets serious.

Reliable services that you can trust

PHS Trades Team offers our commercial and domestic customers a wide range of dependable and affordable hidden leak detection services to keep their homes and businesses dry and leak-free. Unfortunately, hidden leaks can lead to future damage that could be costly and time-consuming to repair. You can prevent unwanted boiler leaks with our annual boiler service.

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We have found and repaired central heating leaks in hundreds of businesses over the years, many of whom have had questions to ask before and during the process. We’ve listed our most frequently asked questions below. 

How can I detect a leak in my central heating system?

There are two places to check when looking for a leak in your central heating system, the boiler and the radiators.

Begin by topping up your boiler with water and examining how long it takes for the water to drain. Then look underneath your boiler to see if water is running down your boiler and accumulating under it. If there is no sign of water leaking, try putting some coloured paper under the boiler. If water drips onto the coloured paper, it will be much easier to see.

If there is water dripping onto the floor, examine the boiler itself. Run your fingertips along the sides of the boiler, feeling for any dripping water. You can often follow the flow of water up to the source.

If there is no sign of water running from your boiler, you should next check the radiators. Radiators can corrode, causing tiny leaks. But, again, the coloured paper technique can help you to locate the source.

Lastly, check the radiator valves found at the bottom right or bottom left of your radiator, connected to your central heating pipes. Placing coloured paper around the valve can help to find a leak. Leave the coloured paper in place for at least 24 hours.

Is it expensive to find the source of a central heating leak?

The cost of finding the source of a hidden water leak is typically covered in most household insurance policies under ‘Trace and Access’. The type of cover varies depending on your level of service; however, it typically covers the cost of any damage caused while investigating the source of the leak. Additionally, the cover takes care of the cost of an engineer to locate the leak and the costs for the materials used to rebuild the flooring or walls damaged by the leak.

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