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Underfloor Heating Repairs

Expert Underfloor Heating Repairs in Essex

PHS Trades Team have experienced Underfloor Heating Experts based in Essex, serving the South East. Our reputation for quality service and competitive prices has made us the number one underfloor heating repair professionals. PHS is chosen by more and more home and business owners year after year. Join our team of satisfied customers and contact us today for a quote on your underfloor heating system.

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Measuring distance of the pipes. Worker in yellow colored uniform installing underfloor heating system

Electric Underfloor Heating Repair Specialists

From commercial and domestic underfloor heating systems to new construction, PHS has you covered. We strongly emphasise safety and always ensure our customers are delighted. Once the repairs are complete, we will perform a full system test to ensure your Under Floor Heating system is operating correctly. We guarantee to keep your home or business warm and comfortable even on the coldest of days. 

When you need underfloor heating system repairs, trust the professionals at PHS and put our experience to work for you today.

UFH Repair across Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge

Fast, Efficient Service

Our experienced team of Under Floor Heating repair professionals can have your system operating efficiently, quickly and affordably. We can locate and repair any fault in your UFH system. Additionally, we can design a complex underfloor heating system to meet your and your family’s needs. Request a callback today, and we’ll get back to you in 12 hours or less!

PHS Trades Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I call to report an issue with my underfloor heating?

Call us to report your issue. Tell us when you noticed the problem, how long the issue has persisted and what you think might be causing the problem. We may also need to know when your underfloor heating system was installed. We will send out a friendly, experienced engineer as soon as possible.

How does the engineer fix my underfloor heating fault?

Our engineer will start by connecting their monitoring equipment up to the thermostat to detect the source of the problem. Next, the equipment will help them determine the location of the faulty cable. Next, they will carefully remove the tile or flooring to access the fault area. Finally, our engineer will get to work on solving the issue. If there is a problem with missing parts, we will order them and re-book your appointment at your earliest convenience. Once your underfloor heating is fixed, our engineer will test the system again to check everything is in order.

Should I have my underfloor heating serviced regularly?

Despite the fact that underfloor heating is largely low-maintenance, ultimately it pays to be vigilant when it comes to servicing your underfloor heating system. We recommend that you service your system annually. Being proactive is far better than waiting until after a fault has occurred, as this can prove more expensive and require large-scale repairs. Whereas, if a problem is spotted early, our engineers may be able to put preventative measures to stop the issue from developing into a bigger problem.

What are the most common causes of faulty underfloor heating?

Whilst the reason your underfloor heating system requires a repair service may vary depending on the age of the system and size of your home or business premises, there are three common causes.

1. Wiring Problems – your thermostat may be disconnected or wired to the incorrect room.

2. Air Locked Pipes – air becomes trapped within the pipe network causing uneven heat distribution, meaning parts of your floor will remain cold.

3. Worn Out Pumps – over time, the pumps can become worn without regular servicing, causing them to overheat and make unnecessary noise.


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