Did you know that the annual safety awareness event is less than a week away!  

The event is held between 15th and 21st September, so there is still time if you haven’t pledged your support!

This year’s theme is the gas safety needs of vulnerable groups of society, focusing on increasing awareness amongst these groups and the people who care for them. The following topics will be discussed at Gas Safety Week:

Monday – Safe or Sorry?

Tuesday – Gas safety advice for carers

Wednesday – Carbon monoxide awareness

Thursday – Landlords & tenants

Friday – The people keeping you safe

Saturday / Sunday – Roundup of the week

The upcoming event will be the 9th Gas Safety Week, and it has seen a large amount of success over the years, with over 4,000 supporters participating last year. However, it is an important topic that often gets overlooked; therefore, you can help spread awareness by getting involved in this event. 

It is clear that many people still need education when it comes to gas safety. The research was recently carried out to identify consumer awareness of gas safety and if they could identify signs of a potentially unsafe gas appliance. Unfortunately, the majority of people failed!  In addition, two in three people didn’t know they should check if their gas engineer is Gas Safety registered, and worryingly, one in six don’t take any steps to ensure their gas appliances are safe. As a result, this reinforces why the safety week event is so important!

How We Can Help

Here at PHS Trades Team, we deal with gas appliances when the job requires it, so we believe everyone should know how important it is to understand gas safety. 

Don’t wait for the subsequent breakdown. Here at Trades Team, our experienced engineers can come and service your equipment, making sure it is still in top condition.